Matt H.

myavatarmattBeginning his music criticism career at the tender age of 4, Matt H. shocked fans of the Spice Girls by insisting that their sophomore effort, Spice World, was far superior to its predecessor. Ever since, this iconoclast has told it like it is. In his teenage years, he stuck to late-career Radiohead, being all too aware that fans of “Creep” just didn’t “get it.” And he set out to prove that jamming to The National wasn’t just for slightly depressed middle-aged hipster-dads.

Today he’ll listen to whatever Spotify throws at him: lately a lot of psych-inspired indie pop.  He’s usually bad at paying attention to lyrics, so really layered atmospheric stuff is his jam.  He hopes that this blog will not be a fleeting infatuation like most of his other pastimes (…and love affairs?).