SOTD: Trying Not To Love You

Tuesday, Nov 15 Trying Not to Love You artist: Caroline Smith album: Trying Not to Love You (single) A catchy 90’s R&B tune that makes romantic anguish sound less painful and more charming. This track is akin to the smooth, buoyant drive of “Magazine” from her first full length album Half About Being a Woman (2013)….

SOTD: Formidable

Thursday, Nov. 10 Formidable artist: La Bronze album: Formidable (single) Drawn by free tacos and beer at a SXSW venue earlier this year, fate led us to La Bronze, where the power of her voice and art of her spirit compelled us to stand in awe. She spoke of the joy in being alive and bid…

SOTD: Stonecold

Tuesday, Nov. 8 Stonecold artist: machineheart album: Stonecold There’s something about this song that feels like mainstream pop. Maybe it’s the transparent metaphors, catchy chorus, and utter sing-ability. Think Ellie Goulding with fewer backup singers and less of the flashy lights.

SOTD: Give Me Some Peace

Thursday, Nov. 3 Give Me Some Peace artist: Slow Club album: One Day All of This Won’t Matter Any More Every Slow Club album has one of these gospel-backed, pleading pop songs. Though the tempo has slowed down a bit from their younger days, Rebecca Taylor still drives the melody with her fiery vocals. And…

SOTD: Fig in Leather

Tuesday, Nov. 1 Fig in Leather artist: Devendra Banhart album: Ape in Pink Marble Nine studio albums on the wall, and this one is new and delightful and yet still just as characteristic Devendra Banhart as the rest. He throws in a traditional Japanese instrument with some groovy samba, narrates a funny story, and makes us…

SOTD: Stay With Us

Thursday, Oct. 27 Stay With Us artist: Seoul album: I Become A Shade Interesting enough to be cool, and low-key enough to not distract. The lyrics are there, but they never take over. It’s all about the vibes emitted from the sounds that this Montreal-based band creates. All of the trademarks of a good coffeeshop…

SOTD: Whoacean

Tuesday, Oct. 25 Whoacean artist: Yesway album: Yesway The enchanting, unintelligible hah-hoos with dreamy acoustic rhythms will take you on an adventure through the sunlit forests of your semi-conscious. Perfect for a mid-day getaway from the early-work-week blues.

SOTD: Hey Big Star

Thursday, Oct. 20 Hey Big Star artist: Kishi Bashi album: Sonderlust This modern disco-pop song is guaranteed to be stuck in your head and maybe even melt your heart a bit when you read the story behind the album. Something about this song reminds me of a less electronic STRFKR. Although quite different from the orchestral…

SOTD: The Leanover

Tuesday, Oct. 18 The Leanover artist: Life Without Buildings album: Any Other City Ever listen to a song and have no idea what the fuck the singer is talking about, but you kind of love it for precisely that reason? That’s how I feel about “The Leanover” by the Glasgow band Life Without Buildings.  Singer Sue…

SOTD: Around

Thursday, Oct. 13 Around artist: My bubba album: Big Bad Good Imagine if First Aid Kit decided to sound more like Jack Johnson or early Ingrid Michaelson, but sans ukulele. Here comes My bubba, two Scandinavian gals with their easy-going acoustic simplicity, lyrical poetry, and lo-fi charm.

SOTD: Let’s Fall in Love Some More

Tuesday, Oct. 11 Let’s Fall in Love Some More artist: Al Bairre album: Experience the Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre Experience Fall in love with… the South African version of San Cisco! (though these Cape Town-based rockers may suggest that San Cisco is, in fact, the Aussie version of Al Bairre). Regardless of how you…

SOTD: Paul Is Alive

Thursday, Oct. 6 Paul Is Alive artist: EL VY album: Return to the Moon There’s a lot going on here. Reminiscences of a midwestern childhood, a reference to the Paul (McCartney) Is Dead urban legend, and catchy riffs in between all of this. Slick lyrics delivered by Matt Berninger’s luxurious baritone, interweaving a smart arrangement….