Angela W. L.

myavatarWith 23 years of experience in listening to sounds, Angela W. L. happily shares her unwarranted opinions on popular-indie, indie-indie, and hopefully up-and-coming musical artists. She was raised on Western classical music, operatic-pop crossover, and 90’s alternative rock. Today, she still enjoys an occasional Debussy piece on Sunday mornings or very very late at night, maintains an grand admiration for Sarah Brightman, and is under the impression that she is best friends with Billy Corgan. Like many of those in her age group, she went through a “brief” teen pop phase at the turn of the century, which is typically only revealed during karaoke nights.

These days, she’s particularly stuck on lo-fi chillwave, indie rock with Brasilian ties, and soulful blues rock. Drawn to evocative lyrics and mellow rhythms, she hopes to explore the deep labyrinths of the human psyche by investigating nuanced musical expressions. Just kidding. What does that mean.

SXSW is her favorite season. Bob Boilen is her favorite dream job. Playlists are her favorite craft. She assures you that she has many worthwhile hobbies.